Partnering Tool

To assist you in making the very most of your registration for the event

Launched 6 weeks before the event

SynBio Markets is the ideal place to reconnect with partners, colleagues and clients, and to make those crucial new connections to take your business to the next level. To assist you with this, we use Meeting Mojo. Everyone who registers for SynBio Markets has access and can take advantage of it’s useful features.

Provides visibility on exactly who has registered

Giving you the opportunity to browse through the hundreds of leading industry figures who will be onsite.

With customisable personal and company profiles

Allowing you to ensure you are represented exactly how you wish, before you even get to the event.

Internal messaging and meeting request system

So you can start making connections early and can arrive at the event having already introduced yourself to key people.


Automatically booking you into an available meeting room on the exhibition floor at a time which suits all confirmed parties.

6 weeks before the show

To give you plenty of time to work out your schedule, plan who you want to meet, and send out a limited number of meeting invites.