SynBio Markets - organised by Bio Market Insights

We connect the synthetic biology value chain to commercial end markets

Exponential improvements and cost reduction are driving the potential for efficient, affordable and added-value solutions. It’s time to commercialise. Synthetic biology companies need the information, network and partnerships to make that happen.

SynBio Markets is the dedicated, market facing global event for the synbio sector. Linking science to business and focused on turning potential into profit. We connect synbio investors, academics and innovators to commercial end market customers across the agriculture and food, chemicals and materials, and healthcare and pharma industries.

We surveyed over 100 synthetic biology businesses, and 87% told us that their number one priority over the next 3 years was securing their first commercial partner. We source your potential partners and bring them together under one roof to streamline your business development process and save you time and money.

We focus solely on this one industry and strive to serve it as best as possible. If you have any suggestions or feedback or want to get involved, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of the team. You can find us below.