Key Outcomes

The leading synthetic biology business event in Europe

Connecting synbio innovation to commercial end markets


DISCOVER how synbio is disrupting the future of your field with outputs superior to those currently on the market
HEAR from cross-industry peers on experiences & challenges of incorporating synbio processes in your supply chain
CONNECT with innovators to hear about groundbreaking and cost-efficient options that can be applied across the value chain
UNDERSTAND how the industry is working to alter consumer opinion and promote synbio as ethically sound and necessary

MEET potential partners & secure licencing deals that will enable your company to grow and reach its full potential quicker
IDENTIFY the most relevant businesses & start-ups driving the commercialisation of synbio, that can impact on your business
UNDERSTAND how changing regulations will affect your business along with challenging consumer demands and opinions
CREATE awareness and demonstrate leadership & expertise to your clients in the most time and cost efficient manner

IDENTIFY the markets and customers that are the perfect fit for your offering and proficiently refine your business case
CONNECT with top prospects in person to stand out from the competition and clearly communicate your USPs
GAIN the latest market insights and hear about the revolutionary innovations that will provide opportunities for your business
DEVELOP an intricate understanding of how regulations are changing and how this will impact on the future of the industry


LEARN about the latest developments and innovations shaping the industry and where you can provide an impact on efficiency
MAKE a multitude of new industry connections in two days to create maximum awareness and promote your business
MEET with future customers face to face to inform them of the USPs of your product & win their business
DEVELOP a detailed understanding of your market and identify the markets and clients that are the perfect fit for your offering

UNDERSTAND the intricacies of the market to refine your business case and identify your target markets and potential customers
LEARN about the challenges of securing IP, working with investors and industry whist running and marketing a business
MAKE a multitude of new industry connections in two days to create maximum awareness and promote your business
CONNECT directly with the most relevant investors & partners to fast track your business to the next level

HEAR from and connect with the most innovative companies that are driving the commercialisation of synthetic biology
UNDERSTAND which industries will be most disrupted by synthetic biology, and will yield the biggest returns for investors
DISCOVER the most promising start-ups, revolutionary innovations, and companies looking to scale and secure funding
LEARN the complexities of regulations, consumer concerns & competing with long standing traditional process

Unfortunately our business has been badly affected by Coronavirus and we have had to close the business and resolve to place the Company into liquidation. If you are a creditor the proposed liquidators will be in contact with you shortly. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please contact