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Bio Market Insights is the leading professional network for the bioeconomy, driving the connection and commercialisation of the bio value chain across agriculture and food, chemicals and materials, and healthcare. We connect your innovation to commercial markets and help you secure investments, licencing deals and customers.

Our network includes over 55,000 senior professionals covering investors, innovators and brands. The platform enables you to connect your bio platform, process engineering, tech or service business with multinational agriculture, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and the consumers that they serve.

We work with you to understand your needs and build a tailored content, marketing and lead generation plan to turbocharge the adoption and commercialisation of your innovation. We can help you get deals done and succeed where other bio businesses have failed.

Each day our editorial team deliver must-read information from our community of experts. Our global contributors include industry pioneers, business leaders, scientists, policy makers, brand owners, marketers, engineers and technology specialists.

We focus on the latest innovations, product launches, and scientific breakthroughs, changes in customer behaviour plus guidance on securing funding, gaining partners, marketing and growing profits. Our team also keep you up to date with the key legislative and political changes that will influence your business.

Plus Bio Market Insights also publishes a digital magazine, the Bio Market Insights Quarterly bringing you the biggest stories and exclusive features straight to your inbox. Twice a month our digital newsletter is also sent to our community of subscribers. And we support the industry’s growth and development by helping produce and share white papers and research.

We are also busy on social media, connecting and engaging all day, everyday with accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Our company focusses our energy on the commercialisation of the bio-economy and nowhere else.

If you share our desire to drive the bio industry forward, would like to be a part of the discussion or just want to say hello contact us today!


Unfortunately our business has been badly affected by Coronavirus and we have had to close the business and resolve to place the Company into liquidation. If you are a creditor the proposed liquidators will be in contact with you shortly. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please contact