Art & Science Synergy

New for 2021! Curated by Art & Science Node

Capture the future(s): our bio-tech planet

Bringing together the world of art and the world of innovation, this new exhibition organised by Art & Science Node and partners will provide an extraordinary perspective for presenting the scientific research and creativity which govern the bio-revolution.

Art & Science Synergy Foundation / Art & Science Node (ASN) is a non-profit organisation and a platform to promote multidisciplinary projects offering institutions and organisations a powerful, innovative communication strategy through art and science. ASN has been sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences, based on our interdisciplinary ASSET vision: Art/Science/Society/Education/Technology = Innovation.

The exhibition will comprise two interdisciplinary ASSET projects: CHIC & Rhizosphere, providing an international survey of artworks created by renowned as well as emerging artists in collaboration with scientists in the field of life sciences and biotechnology.

CHIC Consortium

Funded by EU Horizon 2020 Project in Biotech Research & Innovation, which supports the establishment of a responsible innovation pathway for the development and application of New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs) for chicory as a multipurpose crop for the production of high-value consumer products (inulin, medical terpenes), in line with societal needs and concerns.


LThe Big Network of Small World: is a comprehensive artistic-research-educational project based on a long-term cooperation between the Studio of Transdisciplinary Projects & Research, the Faculty of Art Education and Curatorial Studies of the University of Arts In Poznan and the Faculty of Biology of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

With artworks of renowned as well as emerging artists: Jill Scott, Marille Hahne, Anna Dumitriu, Alex May, Andre Bartetzki, Dziyana Taukin, EpiLab Team, Jadwiga Subczyńska, Joanna Hoffmann, Larys Łubowicki, Małgorzata Kaczmarek, Maria Subczyńska, Marta Bączyk, Pei-Ying Lin,
Paulina Misiak and Piotr Słomczewski.

Art & Science Node

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