SynBio Markets is the dedicated, market facing global event for the synbio sector

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The 2019 event will focus on three key industries, linking science to business and focused on turning potential into profit.

A growing global food crisis means that protecting animal and crop health and optimizing yields is crucial. Companies are looking at synthetic biology’s potential to offer commercially viable solutions.
Scarcity of natural resources equals a trend towards bio derived products. Chemical companies and brands want to know how synthetic biology can accelerate this process in a cost-effective manner.
A growing population needs access to novel, cheap, scalable and sustainable drugs and drug delivery platforms. Synthetic biology is leading the way and pharma companies are keen to capitalise.


Why attend?

Understand how regulations will affect your business
Discover the latest tech innovations for greater efficiency
Create awareness and demonstrate leadership

Meet potential investors and get funded
Meet potential partners and secure licencing deals
Gain access to end market customers and shape the future

  • Great opportunity to network and keep abreast of bio materials developments around the world.
    Steve Rodgers
  • Excellent experience as a new person to the bio market
    Peter OLoughlin
  • The World Bio Markets conference was a great experience. I will be back next year
    Reimer Ivang
  • I really enjoyed this event as it brought very good networking experience.
    Jorge Martinez Gacio
  • The event was beyond expectation
    Con Theeuwen
  • Very professional show
    Holger Bühler
  • The biggest issue was running out of business cards.
    Jurjen Spekreijse
  • Great forum to meet market oriented people in the field!
    Jere Koskinen

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