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The 2019 event focused on three key industries

A growing global food crisis means that protecting animal and crop health and optimizing yields is crucial. Companies are looking at synthetic biology’s potential to offer commercially viable solutions.
Scarcity of natural resources equals a trend towards bio derived products. Chemical companies and brands want to know how synthetic biology can accelerate this process in a cost-effective manner.
A growing population needs access to novel, cheap, scalable and sustainable drugs and drug delivery platforms. Synthetic biology is leading the way and pharma companies are keen to capitalise.

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SynBio Markets is the dedicated, market facing global event for the synbio sector

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Leveraging our extensive we bring together all of the industry's key players across the synthetic biology value chain

Understand how regulations will affect your business

Discover the latest tech innovations for greater efficiency

Create awareness and demonstrate leadership

Meet potential investors and get funded

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Gain access to end market customers and shape the future

The 2019 speakers included...

  • At Intrexon, we see synthetic biology as being the greatest industrial vector in all of time. The applications and potential are wide ranging and we are looking forward to sharing some of our innovations at SynBio Markets
    Randal “RJ” Kirk
  • Synthetic biology is one of our focus areas of research. The market is growing rapidly and increasing venture capital investments are directed at start-up companies in the space, some of which are our partners. We are pleased to see this event being arranged
    Jari Rautio
  • We are energized by the advances within synbio both in protein design and strain engineering. We believe that it has the potential to disrupt the status quo and address the pressing global challenges of feeding 9 billion people by 2050, improving health, and addressing the environmental challenges.
    Leigh Fritz
  • Tecan is particularly excited about the growing impact of synbio in drug discovery. We provide solutions to automate a wide range of processes used in synbio and are very keen on exchanging with the community to better support the overall research/manufacturing efforts through automation.
    Luca Valeggia
  • I am looking forward to this conference. We have always had a big conference in this space in the US, but not in Europe. I have been looking for a similar type of event to happen in Europe.
    Thomas Grotkjær
  • Synthetic biology in Europe is extremely exciting. A lot of start-ups are developing interesting solutions. So, a conference in Europe is highly impactful, allowing the industry to exchange information, meet partners and investors, and help build the European synbio community.
    Josko Bobanovic

The 2019 sponsors included...